Friday, April 13, 2012

Should Countries Borrow?

We all know too well that countries borrow, but should they? To answer this question requires knowing why different sectors borrow. It is not solely to have more money to spend. In the case of government it is to provide services that their citizenry want. In this regard, the government sector differs from the business sector in one significant way. The business sector borrows to make a profit. The government sector does not make a profit. The motivation in the government sector is to meet a request from their citizenry. Governments react like harried parent in a Toy 'r Us at Christmas time. Governments do not evaluate whether they can afford the gift, they just make the purchase and look for a lender to support their extravagance.

The profit factor is key in answering the question of whether governments should borrow. A profit provides the monetary resources to repay a loan. Since a government does make a profit they should not borrow. A government will not have the resources to repay the loan.

I can hear you stammering, but, but .... The fact of the matter is Governments are different from businesses. Borrowing is the vehicle that drives business. Business borrows, because it is just another way to increase their profits and acquire more wealth. Borrowing is central to business activity and one of the primary ways wealth is created in a society. It is not something that should be used by the government sector.

I can hear you arguing that government borrowing is older than business. Originally, government borrowing was for waging wars and capturing territory. This activity (tribute or tax revenue) is the equivalent of profit in the business sector. When a government undertook this risky activity borrowing made sense, because the hope was funds would be generated to repay the lenders. But in the modern world governments rarely seek additional territory to replenish their Treasuries.

Most borrowing by the government sector is for providing things for their citizenry: clean water, roads, good schools, social services, health care, etc. None of these activities when managed by unrestrained government bureaucracies provide a revenue stream sufficient to repay the cost of borrowing. Consequently, they should not be undertaken by the government sector.

You are starting to see the light. Yes, all these activities can be managed by the business sector. Business management is efficient and controlled by market factors that ensure a profit and an ability to repay the loans.

Why do governments undertake to provide all these services? It is simply to ensure their citizens provide tribute or taxes.

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