About Me

I am not a Harvard educated Economist.  I am a MBA.  I am self-educated in Economics.  When I went to school back in the 1960s Economics was equivalent to Philosophy.  It was a theory and not a system of mathematical equations.  Consequently, I look at Economics as a system of economic processes that create wealth.  Systems are what MBAs deal in every day.  They utilize principles of efficiency and productivity to make and deliver the greatest number of products.  They place employees into positions where they can be happy and efficient.  They create budgets and monitor activities to ensure profitability.  They evaluate marketing plans to increase sales and ensure the survival of the company.

I know this is a Private Sector perspective, but I think the Public Sector emphasis of most Economists misses the core process of Economics.  Evaluating government statistics and reading the tea leaves does not seem like the right focus.  Shouldn't the emphasis be on the 70% of the economy that creates wealth and pays taxes?