Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite Outcome of N Theory

One of the great things about N Theory is the ability of a country to expand the wealth of the non-business segment.  My favorite segment to add to the pay for work group is the stay-at-home Moms of the world.  Every Mother or Father raising a child deserves to be paid for the work they are putting into the rearing process.  Certainly, the parent needs income to pay for food, clothing and housing.  N Theory allows the government to incubate private companies managing these rearing services.  Then these private companies get paid from "new" money created by government to essentially provide childhood development services like a school system.  Then these schools pay the parents for their services.  The parents purchase nutritious food, adequate clothing and housing.  The money cycle kicks into gear and the toddler school system borrows to expand and deliver new services.

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be for the 25% of the world that lives in abject poverty to have sufficient funds to feed, cloth and house their children.  All of this is possible by using the power of the Private Sector and the full capability of the banking system.  It is not taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but allowing the poor the opportunity to earn a decent and sufficient income to provide for their families.

How all this works is described in the Rule of Money coming out in January 2012 at

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